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Offensive Certifications

  • Practical Network Penetration Tester (PNPT)
  • Certified Red Team Expert (CRTE)
  • Offensive Security Web Expert (OSWE)
  • Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP)
  • Certified Red Team Professional (CRTP)
  • EC-Council Certified Security Analyst v9 (ECSA)
  • EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker v9 (CEH)

Defensive Certifications

  • eLearnSecurity Certified Digital Forensics Professional (eCDFP)

Target Certs in 2021

  • Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) - reviewing
  • CREST Practitioner Security Analyst (CPSA) - planning
  • CREST Registered Penetration Tester (CRT) - planning


  • Champion of Cyber Security Philippines - CERT (CSP-CERT)'s Red Team CTF
  • 2nd Placer of ROOTCON 2018 Capture the Flag Competition
  • Champion of ROOTCON 2019 Capture the Flag Competition
  • Top 7 in the 1st Facebook and Google's BountyCon (Live Hacking Event) in Singapore
  • Top 3 in the HackTheBox 2v2 Battlegrounds competition with Ameer Pornillos
  • 3rd placer of DEFCON 29 Red Team Village Capture the Flag Finals
  • 3rd placer of DEFCON 29 Red Team Village Capture the Flag Qualifiers

CVEs and Findings (No longer updated)

(low quality CVEs lol)

Finding Company CVE
Missing base domain resulting to external redirection Facebook -
Download a Copy of any Facebook Page Facebook -
Hijacking any website Weebly -
URI Obfuscation in Brave 0.12.4 Brave CVE-2017-8458
Status Bar Obfuscation in Brave 0.12.4 Brave CVE-2017-8459
XSS to File Inclusion in Trello iOS 4.0.8 Trello CVE-2017-9244
User and Team Impersonation on HackTheBox HackTheBox -


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