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Hacking OpenAdmin Machine
4 min read

Hacking OpenAdmin Machine

Hacking OpenAdmin Machine


OpenAdmin is an easy difficulty Linux machine that features an outdated OpenNetAdmin CMS instance. The CMS is exploited to gain a foothold, and subsequent enumeration reveals database credentials. These credentials are reused to move laterally to a low privileged user. This user is found to have access to a restricted internal application. Examination of this application reveals a way to move laterally to a second user. A sudo misconfiguration is then exploited to gain a root shell.


NMAP Result

Port 22 (SSH) is not vulnerable but Port 80 (HTTP) is an interesting target for this machine.

dirsearch Result

The dirsearch tool discovered /music directory and visiting the directory will greet us this page:

Landing page of /music

Clicking Login will redirect us to http://openadmin.htb/ona/.

Landing page of /ona

Gaining User Access

The web server is hosting an OpenNetAdmin version 18.1.1 and quick searchsploit will lead us to an exploit.

Searchsploit Result
Content of OpenNetAdmin 18.1.1 - Remote Code Execution exploit

Running the exploit will allow us to execute commands.

Remote Code Execution

Simple grep for password and passwd will return the credential for a user located at /local/config/

Password Found!

Next step is to find users on this machine.


Using the discovered password, I tried connecting to these users through SSH and jimmy is the guy!

Successfully Connected!

Privilege Escalation to Joanna

Quick directory listing in /var/www/ gives us an interesting directory named internal.

Jimmy created it, so you know 😆
Files inside the directory

There are 3 php files and reading the content of each file will lead us to this discovery:

I see what you did there, Jimmy.

Next step is to find the server name of this directory.

Found you, internal! 🥳

So the /var/www/internal is running on port 52846 locally. Accessing the main.php using curl will give us the key to Joanna's home.

The 🔑

Now that we have the 🔑, we can easily brute force it with john's help.

Yipee 🥳
Entering Joanna's Home 🏠

Let's Grab the Beer 🍺

Contents of User.txt

Rooting the Machine

Checking the list of commands that Joanna is allowed to perform.

Always do this.

Checking the permission of each files.


Let's head over to GTFOBins to check for possible priv esc of nano.


Executing sudo /bin/nano /opt/priv and pressing Ctrl + R and Ctrl + X will allow us to execute command.

Rooting the machine...

Just input clear command to clear the shell and you're root.



  • Change the permission of directories if you don't want the public to access it.
  • Always update the software you are using and keep yourself updated.
  • Enforce security and password policy.
  • Review your sudo configurations.